[]チェルシー 19:21

Oct 16 2007

  • 手書きの日本語
    • ちょっと感動した
  • 誕生日プレゼント未送でした
    • ほんと金と労力が要りますよねわかるよみたいな
  • 私の誕生日は Nov1(all saints' day) だよ
    • うはw
  • 誕生日はセメトリにお参り?(pray)
    • 無宗教だったけか
  • 日本で誕生日はどう過ごしたりすんの
    • どすかな


[]まっしゅるむ 09:56

M: Hi there, I hate to sound rude, but do I know you?

NS:Hello Mathew, I knew you just now as I was looking for some sounds of Chrono Trigger. Basically, I don't request here except one who have common tastes like you. If you dont mind adding me, do it please. It's not rude request I think.

M:it's not rude. I'll add ya.

そっけねぇ~(笑) *1